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The Story of Jesus Live

A 90 minute high-energy theatre-in-the-round performance of the book of Matthew

The Matthew Drama is the

action-packed and immersive

story of Jesus.

Great drama. Never heard Matthew summarised the way it was.

Yes! My nine-year-old daughter and I attended and found it super-helpful to see Scripture brought to life in such a helpful way.

We loved it. The performance quality was excellent, and the storyline was in-line with Scripture and wonderfully portrayed the Gospel.

This was a very well-presented drama with a very clear message.

LOVED the Matthew Drama. Such a powerful way to impart the Gospel story.

“I thoroughly enjoyed
the presentation.”

It was amazing and very Biblical.

Yes was great to see the readings in a visual way

Yes, loved it. Great performance

If you’d like to bring The Matthew Drama to your community, follow the link below…

What they say...

I was impressed by the presentation. The circular seating created a sense of
being a part of the story as opposed to just watching a performance. The performance was incredibly powerful and moving way to present the Gospel.

Audience MemberEaster 2021

It was an outstanding way of telling the story from beginning to the end!

Audience MemberEaster 2021

It spoke to use very deep and had a great impact!

Audience MemberEaster 2021

So effective in telling the story of Matthew. I loved that my kids could see it
too. So good.

Audience MemberEaster 2021

It was brilliant. There is a lot to be said for viewing things through fresh eyes or froma fresh perspective and that is exactly what The Matthew Drama does!

Audience MemberEaster 2021

Come along and hear about Jesus for yourself!

Bring the life-changing story of Jesus to your town

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